Cancer patient pays for wig but gets nothing

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Carol Stimson says she's always lived a healthy life."I've never smoked in my life and never took a drink, not even a sip," Stimson tells 3 On Your Side.

Yet, Carol's body is eaten up with cancer.  As a result, she's receiving large doses of chemotherapy.  And of course hair loss is just one of many side effects from the cancer treatment. "I was devastated," Stimson says. "I went to comb my hair and a lot came out."

So, Stimson started shopping for a wig.  She looked through magazines and searched the internet , and she eventually wound up at a Goodyear store called the Arizona Hair Boutique.

Here, she had them order her a wig, and she paid more than a hundred dollars in advance for it.

However, when she went back just a few days later, the Arizona Hair Boutique had closed down.
Stimson says she tried several times to get a hold of someone at the store but no one ever called her back. Stimson said she can really use her money back, or the wig.

"I was hurt. I was hurt," she says. "Money is hard to come by and I had to give up my job because I am sick."

3 On Your Side discovered that Arizona Hair Boutique was owned by a woman named Melinda Sims. We tried contacting Sims and eventually went to her home.  Sims told 3 On Your Side that the economy drove her out of business. However, she said she always intended to deliver wigs to customers who paid in full.

In fact, after 3 On Your Side contacted Sims, she immediately hand-delivered a wig to Stimson's house.While she was there, Sims also returned all of Stimson's money just for the inconvenience.

"I am very pleased that 3 On Your side stepped in and helped me out," Stimson says. "It was a very stressful time for me and I am glad that I got the wig and my money back. It wouldn't
have happened if it wasn't for 3 On Your Side."

3 On Your Side appreciates Sims' quick resolution and we were happy to help Stimson. We'd like to wish her a speedy recovery as she undergoes several more rounds of chemotherapy.