Mixed feelings over below freezing temps

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Mixed feelings during the first of four mornings where overnight temperatures dropped into the 20s.
“It's brisk, it's nice, it's crisp, so no big deal,” said a shopper at AJ’s.

“Wonderful, it's nice and chilly, brrr, I like it,” said another.
One cold day down with three more to go. For some, the cold snap isn't affecting them.
“It's good to have a little bit of a mix, being in Arizona everything is usually hot all the time so it's nice to have a little fluctuation in the weather,” said a woman holding tight to a Starbucks cup of coffee.
For others, it's a game changer.
“My thermometer says 29 degrees and all my plants are covered and I'm freezing,” said an AJ’s shopper making a dash to his car.
Volunteers at the Phoenix Rescue Mission braved the cold to hand out blankets and other supplies so that those less fortunate can brave it as well.
“As the cold weather takes effect on people and they're out there in the elements, we want to remind them that we bring a team of people who actually care about them as well as just wanting to provide a blanket and a jacket and some items for the elements,” said Clifford Danley with Phoenix Rescue Mission.