Man says he's desperate to get his computer working again

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A Valley man paid $130 for a computer repair, but said his computer is now worse than ever.  

It's a Dell computer we're talking about, and Dell is the one that actually made the repair.

At 79, Marvin Osborn says he's into technology.

In fact, he said he uses his Dell computer all the time and stores some pretty important information on it.

"We have our medications on there," said Osborn.

But Osborn said he was concerned recently when a strange pop up message appeared on his screen.

"It started when I got a run-time error," he recalled.

After getting that error message, Osborn said he contacted Dell for help.

Dell told him they could assist him if he allowed them to access his Dell computer remotely, which he did.

"They said we need to take control of your computer and I said why? In order to get this program on, we need to get a program on there," said Osborn.

Osborn said the cost of allowing the repair to be done remotely was $30, so he provided his credit card number and after allowing the technician to tweak it remotely, he was told his computer would be working properly.

 “That night, he said it was all set to go, it didn't go," stated Osborn.

So Osborn called again, but this time he was told some kind of a program needed to be installed and this time it would cost more.

“It cost me another $99 and they didn't ever take care of it," he said.

Marvin paid the additional $99 but said his computer actually got worse and eventually became inoperable.

"This is the 23rd day I've been without the computer because of their mishap on a mild thing like deleting a 'run time error,'" said a frustrated Osborn

So 3 On Your Side got involved.

After looking into the matter for us, Dell claims Osborn's computer trouble appeared to be a software issue rather than a hardware issue, which is not covered under the Dell Warranty.

Dell said they are now having Osborn send them his computer so they can repair it and then mail it back.

Osborn said that's good news.

"A 79 year old man misses his computer," he stated

The good news is Dell is refunding Marvin the $129 he already paid, plus they're repairing his computer for free.