Real estate reality star ready for new season

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PHOENIX -- It's cold outside, but the Arizona housing market is about to heat up with season two of Property Wars on the Discovery Channel.

Doug Hopkins is known as "The King of the East Valley." Hopkins is a licensed real-estate professional and entrepreneur who estimates he buys 150 homes a month, and sells most within 30 days.

Hopkins says the Valley real estate market is picking up.

"The market has been fantastic as of late," he said. Things are selling pretty fast, especially the under $200,000 [market]. It goes within a week."

As far as the reality show goes, Hopkins says it's a very accurate portrayal.

"Everything you see on TV is real. We're out there buying homes every single day, cameras or no cameras. That's what we do. It's all real."

Most of the homes are purchased sight-unseen at bank foreclosure auctions on the courthouse steps, so there's real-life drama both in the bidding and then at the initial inspection of the properties.

"That time when you're putting in the key for the first time and you're opening up that door, and you don't know what you're going to find. Your heart is beating out of your chest," he said.

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