AAA tips for keeping your car running smoothly in the winter

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PHOENIX – Freeze watches are in effect this weekend for desert areas and your car could suffer if you are not prepared.

Gary Bons from AAA said the cold is tougher on your car during the winter and offers some tips to stay safe and keep your car running smoothly whenever you are faced with winter weather.

Water might seem like a good alternative for windshield washer fluid, but Bons explained that car owners should be using two different kinds of washer fluid.

“A lot of folks in town would just use plain water,” Bons said. “And actually there’s two different kinds of washer fluid you should be using.”

The canister this fluid goes in will cause some problems if you put liquid in it and it freezes so it is important to use the correct fluid. One type is for the summer and another is used during the winter to protect below freezing.

Kitty litter is unusual but a useful tool to use as traction material.

“If you’re stuck on ice you can throw some of that stuff under your tires” Bons said. “Give you a little bit of extra traction to get you out of a jam.”

Some other basic necessities like hand warmers and feet warmers are important to keep in your car in case you do get stuck.