Short Rib with Minestrone

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2 Tbsp olive oil
Baby Carrots- sliced- 2 bunches
Half of yellow sweet onion- diced
4 cloves garlic- chopped
1 cup sundried or oven dried tomatoes- diced
8 sprigs thyme leaves- plucked and chopped
8 ozs cannellini beans
8 cups beef or veal stock
8 ozs pasta- fusilli
3 stocks celery- sliced
1 large zucchini- diced
Short Rib- 5 lbs. – and  8 cups beef stock

In a large pot heat olive oil on medium heat add all vegetables and thyme. Cook until golden. Add beans and stock season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 35minutes.

Short Rib:
Season with salt and pepper , sear short ribs over high heat on stove top.  Sear one onion half until golden brown with garlic. Put golden onion and short ribs in deep pan. Cover with red wine (half bottle) and beef stock. Braise for 3.5 hours at 300 degrees.
Add Short Rib to Minestrone and garnish with Parmesan and Basil