Phoenix Police credit 3 On Your Side with helping solidify theft case

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PHOENIX -- Phoenix Police spokesman James Holmes said one reason Roger Stowe is in jail is because of 3 On Your Side's assistance. 

"Had it not been for 3 On Your Side, there is a very good chance that Mr. Stowe would not be in custody today," said Officer Holmes.

3 On Your Side has profiled the unlicensed contractor in previous reports when a homeowner claimed he gave Stowe more than $3,000 for a remodeling job, which Stowe reportedly never returned to even start.

"He was not doing any work. He was not buying materials. He was not ever returning," Officer Holmes said.

While that homeowner's case was being reviewed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, 3 On Your Side was able to lead Phoenix Police to Stowe's whereabouts regarding an outstanding arrest warrant he had from Yavapai County.

However, he was quickly released and let go when Yavapai Officials indicated they were unable to pick Stowe up.

In the meantime, Stowe continued to allegedly take money from other homeowners. Another homeowner was a senior citizen who paid Stowe $1,200 in advance to do work around her house.

Fortunately, when Stowe vanished with her money, sympathetic off-duty Phoenix Police officers volunteered to do the work that Stowe was paid to do.

Investigators said homeowners seem to have trusted Stowe because he seemed likeable, and they agreed to pay him in advance because they never knew his past.

"He could be right next to you. He could be at your door step and asking you do you need some work done and you would never know that," Holmes said.

Phoenix Police eventually built a criminal case against Stowe and charged him with theft.

However, because 3 On Your Side later provided detectives with a list of additional homeowners all claiming to have been victimized, Stowe was arrested and put in jail on a much more serious felony, fraudulent schemes.

Fraudulent schemes carries a stiffer penalty because there is more than just one victim. It also makes it more difficult to plead down to a misdemeanor.

Holmes credited 3 On Your Side for the more serious charge and because of the information we provided.

"We think this case will be adjudicated properly and he (Stowe) is done ripping people off," Holmes said.