Family falls victim to real life Goldilocks story

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL - It’s being called a real-life Goldilocks story.

A Florida family returned from vacation to find that someone had been sleeping in their beds, eating their food, and stealing their stuff!

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, says she’s normally a neat and tidy person, so she noticed right away something was amiss.  The front window blinds had been disturbed, and a window pane had been broken.

The victim and her husband had been away on vacation for a week. When they returned, they says they were shocked to find that an intruder had been making himself at home.

“He and I both said, oh my God! And this whole pane of glass was busted out,” the homeowner said.

When the couple looked around the house, they noticed that some things were missing, including a watch, a ring and a bracelet. Even a bottle of Jack Daniels had disappeared.

And there was other evidence that someone had been staying at their house. There were food containers in the sink, items taken out of the freezer, and the bed in the guest room had been messed up.

“It was very bizarre,” said the homeowner. “It’s so creepy to think that someone would come into your home and take the time to eat something, and then lay down in your bed.”

When the victims made repairs, they did more than replace the window glass. They put up iron burglar bars as well.

Police say the thieves took off with the keys and the clicker to the couples’ Cadillac sitting in the driveway. The car itself was not stolen, but the homeowners worry that the intruder may return.

Detectives are combing the house for clues to the thief’s identity. But in the meantime, the victim has a message for the intruder. “Shame on you, go find something to do with yourself,” she says. “Go to a library, read a book, do some charity work, or do something. Why rob people? Get a job.”