Dry Christmas tree catches fire, displaces family

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Christmas is over, and that means getting rid of the typically tired, dried out tree is a must.
“Since we have the opportunity to recycle put it back to the earth, you know, it's worth the money,” said Liann Hathaway as she tossed her tree into a recycling pile in north Phoenix.
As it's a tradition to put one up, Liann Hathaway has a tradition of keeping it fresh and taking it down the weekend after Christmas.
“I make sure I have water and I only use the lights that are non-heat generating, the things we use there don't, they're all fire retardant, I only put a tree up ten days in advance,” said Hathaway.
One family this holiday wasn't so lucky. Their dry tree caught fire late Saturday night.
“About 11:30 last night one of them just decided to get up and move into the other room and noticed the Christmas tree was on fire and did a great job and grabbed the rest of the family evacuated out the back door,” said Phoenix Fire Captain Jonathan Jacobs.
The family ended up being fine, but their home was severely damaged.

It's sad cases like this that has fire Captain Jacobs stressing the importance of at least getting that dry tree out of the house.
“There's a lot of people who don't have the means to get them to a place like this so what we recommend is get it out of your house and put it someplace where it's safe,” said Captain Jacobs.