Little girl caught on camera stealing wreath comes clean

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
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PHOENIX -- A few hours after surveillance video of a girl brazenly stealing a wreath off the door of a West Valley home aired on 3TV, the stolen wreath was returned and an apology offered.

"A mother and father brought their daughter to my house with one of the wreaths that they stole -- they stole several of them" Chris Demarest said. "She apologized for what she did. She said that people were noticing her on TV and everything. She said she was sorry for what she's done to us."

Demarest is happy to have his wreath back and said because the girl owned up to her actions, he will not press charges.

Original story -- Caught on Camera: Little girl steals wreath off West Phoenix home

PHOENIX -- At the Phoenix home of Chris Demarest, he has a well posted warning. If you're on his property in the area of 51st Avenue and Thomas Road, you're on camera.

"I only spent about $200 [on a home security system] but it was $200 well worth it. Especially now that I caught a criminal," he said.

It was Christmas morning when he and his family discovered the wreath on their front door was missing.

"With the camera capability we can go back and view what happened," said Demarest.

And that's when they saw what happened, plain as day. A Christmas Grinch who was actually more like someone out of Who-ville grabbed the wreath...and ran!

"It wasn't an adult, it wasn't an older teenager, it looks like it was a younger girl anywhere between 10 and maybe 13 at the most," said Demarest.

A look at the top of the video feed shows it was just before 3 am Christmas morning.

It appears this little girl was walking down the middle of this street with some people before she bolts to the family's front door and makes her move. So what was she doing out that late, and who didn't show her that stealing is a crime?

Demarest has filed a report with Phoenix Police in hopes of finding the people responsible.

"We wouldn't have minded giving it to her, but when you just take something in the middle of the night from someone, that makes people feel violated," he said.

If you recognize this little girl, please call Phoenix Police or email the family at

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