Top 10 science stories of 2012

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(CNN) -- From a Mars landing to a deep water dive, scientific and technical breakthroughs this past year were simply amazing.

10. Lytro camera

9. NASA's Dawn spacecraft sends photos of Vesta asteroid, which is one of a kind in our solar system

8. Research organization find Higgs Boson. aka the God Particle

7. Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump from 128,000 feet

6. Aggressive disease kills kids in Cambodia

5. Space X is first commercial company to rendezvous with to dock spacecraft with International Space Station

4. Scientists discover Great Barrier Reef, the largest in the world, is in trouble

3. Film director James Cameron takes Deep Sea Challenger submersible down to 35,000 feet

2. Melting ice; Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are losing ice three times faster than 20 years ago

1. Seven minutes of terror -- The rover Curiosity survived a harrowing ride through the Martian atmosphere in a landing method never before attempted, prompting an outpouring of emotion from the NASA team. Curiosity is now roaming the landing site.