Fire reported on US Airways plane at Sky Harbor

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Firefighters at Sky Harbor Airport responded to a fire on an airplane Monday night.

The incident occurred on a US Airways plane at Terminal 4.

US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said there were no passengers on the plane at the time of the fire and nobody was injured.

According to officials with the Phoenix Fire Department, there was a small fire in the rear of the plane. Fire crews sprayed the plane down with foam and quickly put out the fire. There was also a report of a small fuel leak.

An auxiliary power unit, a small engine at the tail of the plane, is believed to be the source of the fire and the fuel leak, according to Mohr.

Mohr said the Airbus A320 was to be used for Flight 504 from Phoenix to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Monday night. She could not say where the flight originated.

Mohr said crew members noticed a smell of fuel which led to a mechanical inspection of the plane. It was during that inspection that flames were seen shooting out of the back of the aircraft. Firefighters from the Phoenix Fire Department were on scene in minutes and quickly foamed down the plane.

"A preliminary inspection showed that there is no real damage to the aircraft, but it will remain out of service for a full inspection," said Mohr.

There were no reports of injuries and apparently the Christmas Eve incident did not cause any other travel delays at Sky Harbor Airport. The passengers headed for Vancouver were put on a different plane.

The Airbus A320 can carry 150 passengers.