Final year for popular Christmas lights display

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A popular holiday tradition at one West Valley home will be coming to an end this year.

Between the music and dancing Christmas lights the home looks like a Disney parade.

There's a spinning carousel in the driveway and moving animals in the front yard.

The homeowner, Jim Largo, is a serious holiday home decorator.

“We start at the end of September and first part of October and we work every weekend sometimes during the nights until we get it all done,” said Largo.

Over the years Largo said he has spent $100,000 on decorations.

Sadly, this 20 year tradition ends on Jan. 1.

“I am sad. We're going to miss all the people coming around. We put a little sign up telling people it's the last year. We've had people crying over here,” said Largo. 

The Largos are packing it up because the decorating is expensive and a lot of work.

“We’ve just come to the point where we can't get on our knees anymore. It's starting to hurt,” said Largo.

Neighbors are sad.

“My husband and I, we can't believe that next Christmas it won’t be. Just the house with a couple of things,” said neighbor Marie Viola.

The nativity scene is staying.

Most of the lawn ornaments went up for sale.

“Before we knew it within two hours it was sold. Everything here, just amazing how fast it went,” said Largo.

His son took the larger decorations and plans on continuing the tradition next year at his home near 30th Ave. and Unions Hills Rd.

Jim Largo's elaborate holiday display is in Glendale at 5309 W Barbara Ave.