Car crashes into home belonging to new member of state legislature

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A new member of the state legislature will be spending the holiday season making some unplanned repairs to his home.

Late Friday night, a car slammed into Jonathan Larkin’s home at 45th Avenue and Northern.

The vehicle crashed through the brick wall surrounding the house, and then slammed into Larkin’s garage.

Larkin, an Iraq war veteran elected to represent District 30, was on the opposite side of the house at the time of the crash and wasn’t harmed.

“When I woke up I went into the backyard. Two of them were really frantic and hysterical, one of them was in shock on the driver’s side,” said Larkin about the people inside the car.

At least one of the people inside the vehicle was taken to the hospital.

There’s no word on any possible criminal charges stemming from the crash.

Larkin said Friday night’s accident has unfortunately become a common occurrence in his neighborhood.

“We’ve had a lot of accidents here on Northern,” said Larkin. “Glendale has been forced to put in some traffic signals for the high school, and we’ve had some fatalities here.”