Shoppers hit stores for busy weekend before Christmas

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- If you don't like crowds or long lines, shopping on the Saturday before Christmas will be stressful.
“Parking is a little bit of a nightmare,” said Mark Werner.
“People are so rude and they just cut you off and they don't care and getting in your way,” said Sara Williams.
“This is when you come shopping for, if it wasn't for the last minute, when would stuff get done?” said Philip Hubbard.
After all, It’s not called "Super Saturday" for nothing.
“Just blow it out in one day and we'll be done,” said Werner.
A nationwide Visa survey found 75 percent of Americans still have holiday shopping left to do.
“We have it all under control and everything seems to be going well,” said Werner.
And get this, 10 to 20 percent haven't even started.
“Procrastinating and I have to work late, so yeah, that's what made me come a little late,” said Williams.
So this final shopping weekend may turn out to be bigger than "super."
“I love going out and dealing with the crowds and you get the best buy too, at Best Buy,” said Hubbard.
To accommodate shoppers, many stores opened extra early Saturday morning and plan on staying open extra late.
“It's Christmas, you guys, merry Christmas, be safe, be nice,” said Williams.