Arizona gun owners react to President Obama's call for gun control

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Some might think that all people who own firearms are balking at the idea of changing gun laws, but the range of opinions on gun control from these people at The Ben Avery Shooting Facility were as varied as anywhere else across the country.

"There's too many guns and the wrong people have them," said Bill Levy.

"It's more of an attitude adjustment that we need as a society," said Melissa Figeueroa.

"I totally disagree with people banning it," said Benjamin Yousif.

One thing everyone agrees on is that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary deserves some kind of action to keep everyone safe. Some we talked to agree with the calls to ban assault weapons.

"I like to shoot just for entertainment, but I don't believe in having high powered assault rifles," said Levy.

But others say the country is too quick to put the blame on firearms.

"People long before there were guns found a way to kill each other," said Kurt Tompkins.

They believe mental health, gun buying loopholes and school security should be looked at. The focus should be on what kind of person has a gun, as opposed to the gun itself.

"I think it's good for safe, honest people to have firearms to defend themselves, the country, whatever necessary," said Tompkins.