Freeze warning hits Phoenix

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The Valley's freeze warning has people preparing for the coldest blast of air in nearly a year.

The workers at Whitfill and other nurseries were cloaking their plants in frost cloth, to prevent frost damage.

"Better safe than sorry.  It only takes one night to freeze everything," Matthew Blake told 3TV. "Bed sheets, burlap, blankets, really anything but plastic works."

Whitfill is even using a propane-powered turbine to blast warm air at its inventory.

The staff at Arizona Chimney Sweep was busy responding to people wanting to use their fireplaces.

"It takes an hour, and getting them swept by someone who knows what they're doing is important," sweeper Sean McGowan told 3TV.

A sweep costs about one hundred dollars, and is recommended every-other-year, depending on use.

"It'll usually start back-puffing, and putting off odors to indicate there's buildup on the walls," said McGowan.