Holiday fitness tips from Heidi Powell

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- When you hit the road for the holidays, your workout regimen doesn't have to stay at home.

So says fitness expert Heidi Powell, who brought a few ideas for 3TV viewers trying to keep from packing on the pounds over the holidays.

First, Powell says request a hotel room ahead of time with a microwave and a refrigerator to keep healthy-eating easy.

Then, hit up the grocery store when you first arrive so you aren't stuck spending too much money on unhealthy food, but instead can spend time enjoying your destination.

Also, almost every hotel out there these days has a fitness center.  So when you go, here are three easy workout moves while you're on the go. Even without a gym, anyone can do these anywhere and any time.

  1. Squat Thrusts (TOTAL Body - shoulders, chest, core, glutes, quads, hams...)
  2. Swing Ups (abs, core, lats)
  3. Marching Soldiers (butt and hamstring)
  • Repeat the series counting down from 12 so 12 squat thrusts, 12 swing ups & 12 marching soldiers, followed by 11 squat thrusts, 11 swing ups &  11 marching soldiers, so on and so on.
  • For a beginner/modified workout, start at 8 instead of 12.

For more fitness ideas, visit Heidi's website at:, and you can follow her on Twitter, @RealHeidiPowell.