Allegiant Air policy irritates Phoenix consumer

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PHOENIX -- Sherri Montoya said she couldn't wait to meet her son's girlfriend, who lives out of state, and what better time to meet her than during the holidays?

"I invited her to spend Thanksgiving with us," Montoya said. "Then at least she would know how Arizona was."

Montoya said Connie's weeklong visit went great, but when it came time to leave Arizona, there was a snag.

Montoya said she loaded the young woman's luggage into her car and drove to Mesa Gateway Airport where Connie was supposed to fly Allegiant Air.

However, when the two approached the ticket counter, Montoya said the problem started.

"So, I went up to the counter and said, 'She's going to Rapid City,' and one of the ladies looked at me and said, 'No, we closed that flight,'" Montoya said.

Montoya said she was surprised and confused. She and Connie were at the airport 40 minutes before Allegiant Air was set to depart, but Montoya said her son's girlfriend was not allowed to board. Why? Well, Allegiant Air has a policy. It's even printed on the itinerary and it states passengers must check in no less than 45 minutes prior to departure.

Montoya said if you try to check in 40 minutes prior like they did, you lose your seat and you completely forfeit your ticket, meaning Montoya is out $229.

She said she tried complaining to Allegiant Air and said an Allegiant supervisor said, "Ma'am, if you don't like our policies you should fly out of Sky Harbor Airport."

Montoya said thanks for the advice and she'll probably never do business with Allegiant again.

"I know I am not the first person that this has happened to and I know I won't be the last person this happens to," Montoya said.

After I got involved, Allegiant agreed to look into the matter. When they did, they didn't refund Montoya the $229 she had spent on the ticket. However, they did agree to issue her a voucher for a future flight.

Montoya said she appreciates that. However, she won't be flying Allegiant or using Mesa Gateway Aiport again and intends on giving that voucher to a relative to use.