Alleged bank robber flees police, causes accident, attempts carjackings

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SCOTTSDALE -- A bank robbery suspect is in custody after leading police on a wild pursuit through North Scottsdale.  One car crash and several attempted carjackings later, authorities were finally able to nab their man.

It all started around 10 am Friday, when 45-year-old Kenyatta Kindu allegedly attempted to rob a National Bank at the corner of Scottsdale Road and Mayo Boulevard.  Kindu forced the employees into the bank’s safe before fleeing with cash.

“He ultimately demanded the employees remain in the vault,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos. “He locked them in the vault, then exited the bank with a certain amount of money.”

Police say once outside the bank, the man jumped on his bicycle and pedaled away a short distance, to where he had parked a U-Haul truck. The suspect loaded his bike into the truck, then drove away.

But as Kindu headed east on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard near Hayden, he crashed the truck, hitting at least two other vehicles.

A Battalion Chief from the Scottsdale Fire Department saw it all happen right before his eyes.

“I thought they were going to hit me,” said Battalion Chief Mark Debruyckere. “They stopped about five feet from my truck.”

When officers at the scene attempted to arrest Kindu, he reportedly dodged them, jumping out of his truck and running into the roadway.

That’s when officers say Kindu started trying to carjack other vehicles. So, they chased him, trying to stop him.

“It dawned on me this guy was trying to carjack cars, and I just couldn’t let him do that, because there might be kids in the cars, and I couldn’t let him get away from the scene,” said Debruyckere.

But Kindu wasn’t ready to give up just yet. Police said he stopped trying to carjack vehicles, and instead ran into a nearby carwash. But that’s where officers caught up with him, and deployed a taser. He was taken into custody.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time Kindu had tried to hit the same bank. We’re told he did the exact same thing a month ago.

“This individual fits the same MO and the same description as the previous time, a month ago,” said Martos.