Senior citizen conned out of $24K for vehicle

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PHOENIX -- At 77, Diane Booth will be the first to tell you she doesn't quite like the Internet.

"I've only purchased about two things in my life on the Internet," Booth told 3 On Your Side.

So, she relies on the newspaper.

In fact, while recently reading through the classifieds, she came across an ad for a Lexus and
the telephone number was an Arizona area code.

Booth called, left a voicemail and a woman named Emma Dubois called back.

"She sounded like somebody I could trust," Booth explained.

And trust she did. Dubois lured Booth to the Internet where she had her look at that 2010 Lexus.

Booth fell in love with the car and eventually negotiated a price for around $24,000.

In an email, Dubois told Booth she could use Google Wallet, a kind of escrow account to hold the money while the car was shipped from California.

The Lexus was there because the woman claimed to have recently moved from Arizona, which explained the Arizona area code.

"She said, 'I always use Google because I can trust them. They'll allow you, once you've wired the money, they'll hold the money in the account,'" Booth recalled.

Booth went to her bank and wired all $24,000. But days later, that Lexus never arrived.

"I thought oh God, what have I done?" Booth said.

Turns out that Google Wallet account was fake. The scammer had copied and pasted the real logos to appear as the real deal when in fact it wasn't. Meaning all $24,000 went into the pockets of a scammer.

Booth said the scam has wiped her out emotionally and financially.

"I don't think there's a likelihood that I can get this money back but I would like her caught," Booth told 3 On Your Side.

So, what's going to be done? Probably nothing. Booth went to her police department and filed a report.

However, most agencies do not pursue the issue and nothing is ever done, which is why crimes like this flourish.

Always remember if you are ever asked to wire money to someone you do not know, it is almost always a scam. Always remember my motto: "If you're asked to wire, then they're a liar."