3TV, Facebook help Phoenix man find living kidney donor

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Remy Marceau suffers from Bartter syndrome, a condition caused by a defect in the kidney’s ability to retain sodium.

As a child, he started feeling tired and dehydrated.
“My muscles would just completely paralyze, because my potassium would drop so low,” he said.
He received his official diagnoses as a teen, and as he grew into adulthood, the condition worsened.
By July of this year, at age 25, he was getting potassium hydration infusions at the Mayo Clinic for eight hours a day. However, Marceau was not eligible to put his name on the kidney transplant list.
“To qualify to be on the UNOS transplant list, you have to be in kidney failure,” said Marceau. “So my only option for a transplant was to find a living donor.”
To help him find his living donor, Remy’s friends from St. James church created a Facebook page. The “Remy-dy” page sought kidney donors.
3TV ran a story about the Facebook page in July, and Daneen McKee happened to see it.
“I saw a story and I said, well, I guess it’s time,” said McKee.
McKee read a magazine article on living donation a few years back, and had been thinking about becoming a donor. 
Earlier this year, her husband’s brother needed a kidney donation, and McKee began the process to become a living donor. He passed away before she could donate, and that is right around the time she saw Remy’s story.
“I messaged him on Facebook and I told him my story. That I was cleared for donation and that I’d be happy to donate. The page had his blood type, so I knew possibly we were a good match,” said McKee.
The two were a match. Two weeks ago, both underwent surgery, and Remy now has a new kidney.
“I am beyond thankful,” said Marceau. “I got my life back because of her.”