Chandler woman not happy with Internet service

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Like a lot of people, Karyn Wirkman depends on her computer for work. She's a flight attendant and she needs her computer to schedule flights that she'd like to take.

"Otherwise, I cannot bid for my trips, I cannot bid my lines for each month, do my vacation," she said. "I can't do any trading of trips."

So, when Wirkman came across a wireless Internet service called Hot Spot offered by T-Mobile, she was interested.
"I was really excited about it because my daughter in Texas has Hot Spot and she just loves it," Wirkman said.

According to T-Mobile's website, Hot Spot is supposed to offer a reliable wireless Internet connection with broadband speed.

Wirkman thought it was just what she would need to schedule her flights.
However, after signing up with Hot Spot and agreeing to pay the $40 monthly fee, Wirkman said she was disappointed in the service, claiming she could rarely get a signal.

"I would have to reset it, go back in and I might be working on my work programs and things and then all of a sudden my Internet was gone," she explained.

Wirkman said she would go from room, to room, to room, but every location in her house dropped her from her Internet connection.

Wirkman said she complained to T-Mobile and tried to explain that the service just wasn't working and that she wanted to cancel it altogether.

But T-Mobile, according to Wirkman, said she was contractually obligated for two years.

"I've seen 3 On Your Side and I have seen the way that they have worked for the common people," Wirkman said.

I got a hold of T-Mobile and explained the problem Wirkman was having and when I did, T-Mobile wrote me an email saying Wirkman was released from her contractual obligation, and apologized for the inconvenience.

They also returned $40 for the last month of service.

Wirkman said she's glad because being stuck in a contract for something that doesn't work has been nerve-racking.
T-Mobile was good to work with and I appreciate that.