Vandals hit 'Candy Cane Lane' in Phoenix

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- It’s called "Candy Cane Lane" and the holiday lights on the residential street attract hundreds of people every year.

More than two dozen huge steel candy canes are tied to old trees from the 1920s.

The decorations are wrapped with thousands of glowing lights.

"We've been in Phoenix for 25 years. I've never been in a neighborhood that's so amazing. I mean the neighbors are all so involved," said homeowner, Tad Caldwell.

Dressing up 27th Street and Pinchot Ave. is a lot of work. It takes weeks to get the candy canes up and glowing. Most of the people in the neighborhood help with the project.

"We totally loved participating. So when we came out and saw that we were like "ugh". I don't want to cuss but it just makes you feel like "that's not cool," said Caldwel.

Someone cut the cord to several strands of lights, wrapped around candy canes on one side of Pinchot Ave.

The candy cane decorating tradition started in 1988.

This is the first year the decorations have been vandalized.

"We're not sure if we can replace them. We're going to try and fix them tomorrow night. They are kind of hard to replace because this time of the year all the lights are gone," said neighbor Mary Nelson.

Some of the lights are out, but the neighborhood spirit isn't down.

"We'll come back and put em' all back. You know we're not going to stop doing it so," said Caldwell.

Neighbors suspect kids cut the cords but they aren’t sure.

Caldwell called police and said he will look out his windows more often to make sure the vandals don’t cause any more damage.