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PHOENIX -- Andrea Pomerantz Lustig has spent twenty years as a beauty editor, and her contact list is packed with the names of the most exclusive stylists in the business. In "How to Look Expensive," she combines her own experience with highly coveted secrets she's learned from the experts to help readers achieve buttery highlights, luminous skin, flawless makeup, and more, all on a budget.

A do-it-all eye palette
If you are lugging around several different eyeshadow palettes, get rid of them.  You only need a few key shades to create a variety of looks.  I have step by step details on how to create a Black Tie Eye, Everyday Eye and a Sexy Shimmer Liner Look in the book, and you can create each look with just one palette.

How to get the look: Smashbox Studio Pop Palette, $49

Well-rested skin (even if you have to fake it!)
Radiant skin is like a status symbol, when your skin is glowing, you exude confidence.   A key to great skin is getting enough sleep, which let's be honest, is not a reality for many women , especially all of the mom's out there!  I have two secret weapons for when you need to look like you had 8 hours of sleep.

How to get the look: Soap & Glory's Tired-Eye Brightening Moisture Serum, $25 and Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Crème, $50

A signature scent
An easy way to cheapen your look is to wear too much perfume, or the wrong type of scent.  A trick to finding a fragrance that is best for you is to buy a rollerball format. It's an inexpensive way to test a fragrance before you invest, and the roller ball ensures you don't apply too much!

How to get the look: Lady Gaga Eau de Parfum Roller Ball, $19

High-quality brushes without the high-end price
I'm loving the trend of brush sets that come in a bag that doubles as an evening clutch.  Not only will the brushes make you look great, the bag will add to your wardrobe as well!

How to get the look: Lancome Brush Gift Set, $67, I love this set because it comes with the 5 essential brushes you need to create any look, and it's a great vaule.  My book outlines where and how to use each brush.

A salon perfect blowout -- at home

Mastering a DIY blow-dry is imperative for women on a budget.   At $60 a pop, the cost for a simple blow-out can really add up!  Once you get a hang of it at home, you will be giving yourself the gift of good hair for life.  I can't say it's something you will be great at the first time you try it, but if you continue to practice, your results will improve and you'll be able to give your self a salon-worthy style for free!

How to get the look: T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer, $200. I know it sounds like a lot to spend on a hair dryer,  but that damage you spare your hair from will be worth it!  You'll also need a sized round brush.  I love John Frieda's Porcupine Round Brush, $12.99

Polished nails = polished life
I truly believe a good manicure can make you feel like a million bucks.  When my nails are a mess, I feel like a mess.   Nails are a great way to accessorize any outfit and make you feel polished without a spending a ton of money.

How to get the look:  Sally Hansen Insta Gels Starter Kit, $29.99, these will last for two weeks and have the look and feel of a $60 gel manicure from a fancy salon.

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