Big-hearted family renovates stranger's home

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- We first met Charles Deburger and Roxanna Filmore in November. They have two boys and a baby on the way.

Lately, life has been tough. They’re living in a home with sewer problems, graffiti inside and holes in the roof.

They were hoping for a Christmas Angel this year to help with the boys, but what they got were Christmas "Angels" lead by the big hearted Francisco Erlandson.
“We saw something on the angel tree program that Patti Kirkpatrick did. I came down and met with the family and then called my family and we just came down started helping,” said Erlandson.
They started by tearing down the walls and ceilings of Charles and Roxanna's home, and then putting up new ones along with a new coat of paint.
“The baby will have some place to come to, the boys with have somewhere warm to sleep. The mom and dad won't have to worry about electricity, you don't have to turn it on just to have the heat on, or hot water, just something so they won't have to worry,” said Erlandson.
”It feels really good to know people are out here that will help when you're in a time of need,” said Roxanna Filmore.
Christmas came early for this family giving them a chance to now focus on their kids for once instead of their home.
“Today I didn't have to get on my knees and pray this morning, he was just there and just showing me the love,” said Charles Deburger.