Gas prices continue to fall

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX – Motorists across the state of Arizona continue to get an early Christmas gift every time they head to the pump.

Gas prices dropped for yet another week, falling 7 cents to an average statewide price of $3.309 per gallon.

“Motorists are feeling a little extra holiday cheer after six weeks of falling prices. This is especially true in Tucson, as AAA’s Fuel Price Finder found sub $3 fuel at several stations in the region this week,” said Linda Gorman, director of communications and public affairs for AAA Arizona.

Gorman added that prices are expected to decrease through the remainder of the year and end 2012 “at a multi-month low.”

Tucson’s average price of $3.075 per gallon is the lowest in Arizona, while Flagstaff has the state's highest average at $3.611 per gallon.

The average price of gas nationwide also declined this week by 3 cents to $3.379 per gallon.

Missouri has the lowest average price in the contiguous U.S. at $3.111 per gallon, while New York’s $3.846 is the highest.