Thirteen year old girl dies following morning fire

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- When Phoenix firefighters responded to a morning fire they found an unconsious teenager inside the burning home.

That young girl, Brianna Naylor, was pronounced dead at a Valley hospital. 

Police and fire investigators are still trying to figure out how her death occurred and why the 13-year-old was home alone and not in school.

After unsuccessfully trying to open a door at the burning home, neighbor Gail Hanson called 911.

She often talked with Brianna and her two younger brothers and thought all three children were in school Thursday morning. 

Hanson and her mother recently bought the children presents for Christmas and along with other neighbors, sometimes provided them with food and money for yard work. 

Other neighbors say they also tried to help the children, ages 13, 12 and 11 because they were often left on their own.

The children's home is marked with broken windows and some say the electricity had been turned off in the past for unpaid bills. 

There were reports of a large party Wednesday night at the home and a vacant house next door.

A woman claiming to be Brianna's aunt said the family belongs to the Quechan Tribe near Yuma and that funeral arrangements will be made according to tribal customs. 

The investigation into the young girl's death continues.