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Kids are easy to plan a party for. Find a favorite color, toy or character and you have immediate party inspiration. Grown-up parties are a little harder to plan. However, there are four awesome types of parties to plan this holiday season great for grown-ups.

1. Scavenger hunt: Takes some time to plan as there are a lot of moving parts, literally, but it is worth it.

           a. The Idea: Guests are on the hunt for an item or items and they are lead to different locations after unraveling clues and completing challenges. 

           b. Pros: Keeps the party moving! Traveling from place to place and doing things along the way is always a blast. Guests enjoy being rewarded for their participation.

           c. Party Ideas: Luck of the Irish, Sock Hop and Spy

2. City Tour: Adventure and discovery for a City Tour. This party takes guests all over with highlighting various venues.

           a. The idea: Party on the road! Half the fun is at the destination and the other is enjoying the journey! Stop at different places to see the sights and get to know the person next to you.

           b. Pros: Never in one place too long. If one place is a bust, it's only a short time until you are out of there. Stopping at new places gives guests a taste of what is out there.

           c. Party Ideas: Segway Tour, Tour de Tavern and Real London Bus

           d. Holiday Groove: Real London Bus Tour of Holiday Lights!

3. Destination: Party at a place and experience all that they have to offer!

           a. The Idea: Choose a location with an edge to bring your guests for a unique party.

           b. Pros: Everybody stays! No traveling means guests can hunker down for a good time.

           c. Party Ideas: Buffalo Chip Saloon, Sedona, Grand Canyon

           d. Holiday Idea: Verde Canyon Railroad in Sedona. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are on the train!

4. Theme: Give the party a purpose and plan around a theme to get guests in the spirit.

           a. The Idea: Guests experience a party that revolves around one particular idea.

           b. Pros: Every party can be themed! It is easy for guests to get hyped for a party if there is a purpose for going. Giving a party a theme builds excitement before the party.

           c. Party Ideas: Crawfish, Holidays, Seasons, Gold, Oscars and TV or Movies