Tempe bar where missing ASU student last seen had alcohol violations

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TEMPE, Ariz. -- A search of the Salt River in Tempe for Jack Culolias, 19, is now over.

As of Wednesday, investigators had found nothing of use in the lake.

On Tuesday, the teenager's mom found a red shoe she suspects is her son’'s.

The teen had a fake ID and was last seen at a bar near the water.

Police said it's possible Jack was kicked out of Cadillac Ranch Friday night for drinking too much.

“Having a liquor license in Arizona is a privilege, it's not necessarily a right,” said attorney Thomas Richardson.

Richardson is not involved in this case, but has knowledge of Arizona’s liquor laws.

“One of the requirements is that they check ID's and not over serve,” said Richardson.

Just how much alcohol Jack had Friday is unknown.

Sgt. Mike Pooley with Tempe PD said the surveillance video is of little use because a lot of people were in the bar.

3TV uncovered Cadillac Ranch was in trouble with the state's Department of Liquor Licenses and Control in May.

“According to the report our officers arrested the bar tender that night, criminally cited the bar tender for failure to check ID and sale to underage person,” Sergent Wes Kuhl.

Kuhl said the state got a tip Cadillac Ranch was selling alcohol to people under 21.

On top of the arrest the bar also paid a $750 fine for the violation.

Since 2009 the bar has had three violations.

Kuhl said in 2012 officers visited 200 bars and arrested 30 to 35 bartenders for failure to check ID.

The Sgt. also mentioned three violations in three years is not a lot compared to the volume of business Cadillac Ranch does.

The state’s Department of Liquor Licenses and Control is now working with Tempe PD regarding Jack.

“What we're going to do is look into if Cadillac Ranch did everything they needed to do to make sure they were not serving an underage person,” said Kuhl.

He went on to say just because someone has a fake ID doesn’t mean they actually use it to get in to a bar.

That’s the question investigators will try to answer, if in fact Jack used a fake ID at Cadillac Ranch which is also a restaurant.

Kuhl said when an ID is swiped by a bouncer that information is recorded and his officers will check if Jack swiped an ID Friday night.

3TV reached out to Cadillac Ranch several times Thursday for comment and as of air time we had not heard back.

On Wednesday a spokesperson sent us this statement from Cadillac Ranch's Managing Partner, Chris Osborn:

“We are fully and promptly complying with all investigation requests from Tempe PD and have been since day one.  Our business has been open in Tempe for five years, it employs 65 good people, and has never had an incident like this.  We are members of the Tempe and ASU community, and we are deeply sympathetic to Jack’s family and friends. We hope that they find Jack safe and sound. Finding Jack is what is most important right now.”