'Santa Bob' gets new sleigh

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- When 3TV/azfamily.com told viewers about Santa's sleigh breaking down in the Valley, the response was overwhelming.

3TV viewers wanted to help and thanks to our incredible community, Santa's back on track.

Santa Bob was on his way to help out at St. Vincent de Paul on Thanksgiving Day when he realized his sleigh was in serious trouble.

"So I'm driving down 202 and my sleigh breaks," he said.

It was a burned-out engine and Santa was stuck.

But not for long.

On Wednesday, the 67-year-old was given a new sleigh -- a Ford Focus courtesy of Certified Benz & Beemer.

"Also, they equipped me with all kinds of toys," Santa Bob said.

"We thought it would be perfect and economical for him to do what he does so we donated the wagon to him and we're going to maintain it for the next year and keep it full of gas," said Jack Schneider with Certified Benz & Beemer.

Santa Bob said after his story aired on 3TV, he heard from dozens of strangers who wanted to help and thanks to their generosity he'll now be able to make the rounds to the dozens of families he pledged to help.

"There's not enough words that I can share with people to say thank you from my heart," Santa Bob said.

So now, a very thankful Santa is in a new sleigh ready to do what he does best.

"This year I'm not going to have any family not taken care of," he said.

Santa Bob has been providing a merry Christmas to hundreds of needy families here in the Valley for nearly 20 years.