Make your baking mess-free and unique by including traditional marzipan

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Charlotte Wetche is a Danish transplant to the Valley who just launched a website selling the marzipan she grew up eating from the company her great-grandfather started called Odense Marcipan.

“What makes the Original Odense Marcipan so unique and tasty is that it’s 60 percent almonds, so it’s a very high-quality product -- either eaten alone or included in hundreds of different recipes,” Wetche said.

Already, Wetche has some well-known support. Award-winning pastry chef Tammie Coe is including the Original Odense Marcipan in her kitchen repertoire. 

“This marzipan isn’t like any other," Coe said. "It’s such a high quality. It’s very nice, very yummy.”

It’s also very easy to use. Coe's quickest creation includes turning day-old, store-bought croissants into wonderful fresh pastries.

Coe said it’s “seemingly hard to do, but I will show the home chef how to impress."

Coe simply adds some of the Original Odense Marcipan to store-bought frosting and fills the croissant to create a flavorful almond pastry that looks sophisticated but is really quick and easy.

Coe is creating four more recipes as Odense Marcipan U.S.’s featured chef because that’s how much she’s enjoying experimenting with the marzipan’s rich flavors.

“I think it’s awesome," she said. "No one is doing it and it’s really the easiest thing.”

Wetche’s website includes dozens of easy holiday recipes, including “Christmas trees” or truffles using layers of the Original Odense Marcipan and nougat (which lovers of Nutella will love even more) dipped in dark chocolate and decorated. 

You can make quick fruit “muffins” with the ready-to-bake marzipan squeezed from its own “piping bag.” Add a frozen berry and in just 10 minutes you have a tasty treat unlike anything anyone else will be bringing to the holiday potluck or cookie exchange.

Odense Marcipan U.S.’s product line includes marzipan blocks, melting chocolate, nougat and ready-to-bake piping bags filled with traditional or coconut flavored marzipan.

Currently, these items can only be purchased online at  

The site also includes dozens of recipes and inspirations, as well as why Arizonans should give this traditional and easy to use Danish treat a try.