12 Days of Christmas workout

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- For many of us, the countdown to Christmas means we'll be counting a few extra pounds around our waist.

But Valley leadership and fitness coach JB Spisso says there is a way to turn that Christmas countdown into a fun way to get fit.

“This is the time of year that you are going to be eating more, drinking more, probably moving around less,” said Spisso, performance coach at Elite Leadership Training.

During a holiday deployment in Afghanistan, Spisso and several buddies came up with a workout that delivers a better you for Christmas.

”One of the workouts was actually called the 12 days of Christmas,” said Spisso. "Well it is actually 12 exercises for Christmas, all put together in one workout."

So for example, Spisso said you do one rep of an exercise called the Turkish get up. Then you do two push ups, and then one Turkish Get-up, then Three Jump Squats, two push-ups, and one Turkish get-up, and keep going on up to 12.

You eventually end your workout with 12 Walking Lunges, 11 Dumbbell Presses, 10, Ski Jumps, nine burpees, eight diamond presses, seven v-ups, six box jumps, five dumbbell push-ups, four kettle bell swings, three jump squats, two push ups and one Turkish get up.

Spisso said don’t  be surprised to find yourself humming the song as you do them all. He added that all of the exercises are easy for anyone.

“These are unisex exercises, you could do it, your wife could do it, your teenagers can do it,” said Spisso.

He also said you can choose other exercises if you prefer, and you don’t need a set of weights.

“You can use soup cans, you don't have to use anything if you are a beginner," Spisso explained.

The whole routine should take about an hour, but if you don't have time, or it is too much all at once, start with just 20 minutes.

“Maybe you only get to step nine, good to go. So then the next day, maybe a few days later you can go to 22 minutes," said Spisso

Keep it up until Christmas, and Spisso said this holiday workout may deliver the best present you could ask for.

“You will find if you take 20 to 30 minutes for yourself three to four times a week, you do some fitness, you care about your diet, you will become healthier happier and more motivated," said Spisso.

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