Great gifts and stocking stuffers for your queen or king of clean

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- As you do your holiday shopping, here are some fabulous gift ideas to consider.

iRobot Roomba -- This does the vacuuming for you. You can set it to clean at a certain time each week or multiple times. It vacuums under and around furniture and adjusts to carpeted or hard floor surfaces. It has bumpers so it won’t damage furniture. It has brushes that deliver dirt, pet hair and debris to the collection . The Roomba comes in many models and price ranges to fit your needs. I use mine every week and my daughter-in-law uses hers all the time to keep up with the kids messes. Read about it at

Telescoping Duster and Mitt -- Great for dusting without furniture polish buildup. The telescoping duster can dust high and low and is great for fans. The mitt is great for dusting furniture weekly. Learn more at

Rubber Gloves -- These make great fun gifts. I actually got a pair with fake fur cuffs and an apron to match from my sister-in-law. I use them for parties all the time. Look for more practical gloves at home stores, bed and bath stores etc. A fun stocking stuffer!

Baseboard Buddy -- For years the only way to remove the dirt, dust and hair on baseboards was to crawl around on your hands and knees dusting and washing them. Now the adjustable Baseboard Buddy does it for you. It dusts and washes baseboards quickly and easily and you never have to kneel or even bend to do it. IT dusts around door moldings too. More info at

Queen of Clean books -- All of them make a great gift. Check them out at and buy there or at book stores nationwide or

Fun brooms -- Look for fun kitchen brooms that mom can even keep out. Makes cleaning up around the table and high chairs easy. Find unique ones with unusually patterned handles, like my animal print one, at hardware and bed and bath stores.

VaccUFlex -- This turns you vacuum into a sucking machine. It fits into the smallest areas allowing you to clean inside the dryer filter, under refrigerators, in crevices, edges and places where you would never expect to be able to vacuum. Great in workshop and for car detailing. So powerful it will suck a ring out of a sink trap! More info at queen of

Playtex Disposables -- Clean Cuisine -- Handle meat and other foods safely and keep your hands clean. These are disposable gloves safe for food prep, especially raw meat, poultry and seafood. Make meatloaf without every soiling your hands. Buy at grocery stores.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser -- So good for a variety of cleaning issues. Keep them on hand especially during the holiday. Buy in grocery stores and stores that sell cleaning supplies.

Guardsman ® Touch-Up Markers -- Set of three wood finish touch-up markers to hide scratches and miner surface imperfections. 3 color varieties per package. Sold in grocery, hardware and home centers.

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