Flotation Therapy may alleviate joint and muscle pain

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- For years, the Dead Sea has attracted thousands of visitors. Most come to soak in the waters for its supposed healing effects on skin, arthritis and other joint and muscle pain. The secret, some say, is in the water's very high salt content.

Because of the that salt content, the water makes buoyancy and floating very easy. Some say it's very difficult to sink in the Dead Sea.

Nick and Holly Janicki, owners of True Rest Spa in Tempe, have brought this Dead Sea floating experience to customers in Arizona. They say Flotation Therapy can be very beneficial for patients who suffer from joint pain, trauma-based injuries, and other causes of joint and muscle pain. It can also be used for just relaxation.
The science behind Flotation Therapy is that if you suspend the human body in a zero gravity environment, it can take almost all the pressure and weight off all joints and muscles in the body, thus allowing them to relax and heal.
True Rest spa has four large pods that customers can float in. Each one is filled with about 1 to 2 feet of water and has roughly 1,400 pounds of Epsom salts added to it. This much salt is what allows for the very buoyant experience. Also, the temperature of the water is heated to about 98 degrees.
If you'd like to experience flotation therapy and for more information about True Rest Spa, you can go to www.truerest.com or call 480-389-0583.