Powerball jackpot has Fountain Hills buzzing

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. -- Surrounded by cameras, curious customers and a question worth hundreds of millions of dollars, 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills has stepped into the spotlight, after selling one of the record winning Powerball tickets.

“It’s been nuts,” said 4 Sons owner Eric Seitz. 

Although a winner didn’t step forward Thursday, lottery officials say the winning ticket was a $10 quick pick, likely sold within the last 36 hours.

“It’s pretty exciting if I had it in my hands for a minute,” said Tina Long, who believes the lucky ticket was sold on her shift, but she’s not guessing who may be holding it.

“I don’t know; we were so busy yesterday,” she told 3TV.

Based on the location of the store within such a quiet, close-knit community, employees and customers are hoping the ticket stayed within Fountain Hills.

“It’s 90% regulars, so I would be surprised if it’s not somebody local,” said Seitz.

Rumors are already flying, although nothing has been confirmed.

“We’re hearing that it’s someone who works at a bar, or a bartender in the area, so I hope that’s true,” said Maureen Hanna of Fountain Hills.

“I wish it was us,” said Lacey Creham of All American Sports Grill, one of the area bars fielding the curiosity.

“We’ve had a few extra customers coming in here, wanting to know who the winner was,” said Creham.

While it’s all just speculation, locals say the fanfare has been priceless.  Media crews nationwide camped out in the parking lot outside of 4 Sons Thursday, as locals snapped pictures and took in excitement.

“I think it’s good publicity,” said Creham.  “We’re on the map now, big time.”

The earliest a winner could be known is Friday morning when the lottery office reopens.  The winner is asked to call the Arizona Lottery at 480-921-4472.