Murder victim's sister can't get brother's car out of tow yard

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A Valley murder back in September is leading the victim's sister to seek help from 3 On Your Side.

It's all a very strange case and centers around a murder victim by the name of Jason Johnson.

His body has never been found, which is making it difficult for his family to take possession of some of his belongings, including his car.

It was big news back in September when Chad Norris and his wife Tamara were arrested for allegedly murdering their business partner.

"His name was Jason Johnson, he was 45 years old when he was murdered and he was a funny guy,” said Johnson's sister, Erica Weistreich, who spoke with 3 On Your Side via Skype because she lives out of state.

“They haven't found his body so it's hard cause we don't know where his body is at," said Weistreich.

And without his body, there's another problem.

Erica's been trying to get her deceased brother's belongings together, including his car which is impounded at a place called All City Towing.

But All City Towing said it can't release the vehicle unless Erica can provide proof her brother is dead.

“He said he needs a death certificate or police report bottom line. I said I can't get a death certificate for seven years without a body, and a police report will be a minimum of six months cause it's an ongoing investigation," Weistreich explained.

The only other option All City Towing gave Erica was this:

“They want a letter from the homicide detective, well Tempe PD can't just write letters," she said.

Unable to obtain those documents and unable to retrieve her brother's car, storage fees for the vehicle continue to grow. So Erica contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

“Nobody seemed to be able to help me and then it was actually another news affiliate she recommended I call you guys," Weistreich commented.

3 On Your Side contacted All City Towing, which told us legally, their hands are tied in this complicated homicide investigation and they're not allowed to release the car without Jason's approval.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Tempe Police and at our request, the agency sent All City Towing a letter explaining the situation and confirming that Erica was Jason’s next of kin. 

Once All City Towing had that letter, not only did they release the vehicle, but they also waived the entire $1,200 bill including towing and storage fees.

“I flew in from California and picked it up,” said Weistreich.

It's something she said probably never would have happened unless she contacted 3 On Your Side.

“After I got you involved, within 24 hours they stared working with you," she said.

It should be pointed out that the car was never part of any kind of police evidence and the towing was unrelated to the murder. 

Regardless, a big thank you to All City Towing for working with us on this one and the Tempe Police Department.