Slightly cooler temps moving into the state

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Well, it’s not going to be a big cool down, but it’s something. A cold front moving into California will weaken and pass over Arizona with some clouds and breezes, but no rain.

We will get some slightly cooler temperatures.  Highs around metro Phoenix will be in the mid 70s on Thursday. Friday, near normal temperatures in the low 70s are expected.

For the weekend, we’ll see high clouds pass over head from time to time, as a couple of weak weather disturbances pass to the north of us. But toward the end of next week, we will warm things back up and probably be back around 80 degrees, which is 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.

No major change in this quiet weather pattern is expected for the next couple of weeks. In Arizona, that means we’ll continue to see temperatures well above normal and it will stay dry.

By the way, Flagstaff has had measurable snow on a couple of days so far this season. However, 1 inch has not been recorded on any single day at the airport, the official tally for Flagstaff.

And while we’re expecting a dry winter, hopefully it won’t be as dry as the winter of 1933-34 when only 11 inches of snow fell in Flagstaff, the all time low.