Brain Gym helps keep mind fit and functioning at its best

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Getting older isn't easy. We gradually see our minds and bodies not perform as well as when we were younger. And just like going to the gym to delay that process and keep our bodies fit, the same must happen for our brains.

Phyllis Benson is the owner of the Excel Brain Gym in Phoenix. It's a place specifically designed to challenge the mind and keep it functioning at its best.

She says several of her clients have medical reasons for seeing her. One had a brain tumor and the surgery to remove it compromised his brain. Another had a stroke and is working to regain her short term memory and ability to follow directions.

But all of us can benefit from this type of regular brain "exercise." Benson said most of her programs are computer based, but she also encourages specific behaviors and practices at home to ensure consistent practice.

Those activities help with memory, reasoning, even driving skills. She says, like physical exercise, it takes time to see improvement but it does happen.

Benson encourages everyone to give this type of exercise some thought.

"I think you're going to be seeing more of this, and see it become accepted," she said. "The brain's not something we can take for granted."

Benson is offering 50 percent off the activation fee for anyone who mentions our story. It’s about a $40 savings.