Small businesses get a boost the day after Black Friday

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Chandra Martinez owns a small business in downtown Glendale.
“We opened our store in April, this is our very first location and it's called Chandra's Bling Bling,” said Martinez.
Like most small business owners, the first year has been pretty tough.
“It's been extremely difficult, extremely scary, especially having children. It makes you open your eyes and keep you motivated of what you want to do to keep your goals of having a business,” said Martinez.
While Black Friday is the day for door-buster sales at the big box stores, the day after is geared for the little guys. It's called Small Business Saturday, and it's an initiative developed three years ago by American Express Co.
“It's very important to support small businesses, because they need, of course, sales just as much as the big businesses, and like I said, they have a variety of items they don't have in the big department stores,” said shopper Mary Lou Campos.
While the concept of Small Business Saturday is still fairly new, it's one Chandra Martinez hopes will catch on fast.
“It's extremely important, because we're little people and we're trying to survive just like the big guy, but little people like us just trying to make a name for ourselves and be somebody one day,” said Martinez.