Valley teen picked to compete on Teen Jeopardy

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Valley teen picked to compete on Teen Jeopardy By Tami Hoey Valley teen picked to compete on Teen Jeopardy By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- A valley teen shows her smarts as she’s picked to be a contestant on Teen Jeopardy.

16 year old Goodyear resident Brittany Poppen was one of more than 50,000 teens who applied to be on the game show.  After a series of online tests and  in-person auditions, she got the good news that she would be on the show.

Brittany just returned from taping the show. But since it hasn’t aired yet, she’s not allowed to reveal whether she won.

The teen tells us there’s really no way to study for an experience like this.

“It’s actually really hard to prepare for. We’re not told categories or anything ahead of time so what most of the contestants say is, we just studied what we enjoy learning about,” Brittany says.

Brittany  grew up watching Jeopardy. When she learned she was going to be a contestant, she watched archived episodes of past shows, and did all she possible could to be ready to compete.

“I just read different books, talked to my friends about what they knew about different things,” she tells us.

Here favorite categories are history, literature and Disney. When asked if there were any questions she didn’t know, she admitted, “There were a few.”

Although she says it would be fun to be a game show host like Alex Trebek, Brittan says what she really hopes to do is become an engineer one day.

Brittany’s episode of Teen Jeopardy airs January 31. The tournament runs through Feb. 12.