Raw video: Jailhouse interview with police chase suspect (Part 1)

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- The teenager who took police on a wild ride through the Valley is now apologizing to everyone involved.       

"I know it was wrong, what I did and everything, I apologize, but I wasn't using my head," said Christian Barron,18, from inside the Durango Jail in Phoenix.

The teen said he stole the van to get home.

On his way back to his apartment, he picked up his girlfriend. When he told her the van was stolen, he said she wanted out.

Barron took her home and kept driving.

Even though a helicopter was following him he said he didn’t know he was being chased. 

When he drove by his home, he saw his crying mom in front of their apartment in Phoenix and stopped the car.

"She was yelling and raising and opening her arms at me to stop," Barron said. "I seen her face and crying."

The car chase brought back some bad memories for his mother. She showed 3TV a picture of her son in a coma in 2009.

Barron was in a car accident with four other teens near 19th and Southern avenues. Their car slammed into a light pole in Phoenix.

According to Barron, his friend from high school is still in a coma from that accident.

Police said at the time alcohol didn't seem to be a factor in the crash.

A crying Barron said he hasn't been the same since the accident and said he doesn't "think right now."

The teen also told us he was a straight-A student before the crash and was currently wrapping up the paperwork to become a U.S. citizen.

He acknowledged this opportunity could now be shot.

Barron has been in jail before on a drug paraphernalia charge.

He faces several new criminal charges including unlawful flight.