Former NFL star Steve Young sends football team an inspirational message

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. -- In October, we met a young girl named Chy Johnson, a Queen Creek sophomore who was being bullied because she's a special needs child. But that all stopped when the football team decided to take her under their wing.
“They're not being mean, because all my boys love me,” said Johnson.
Johnson soon became the team's inspiration. They made it to the playoffs and kept winning.

The team's success, along with their anti-bullying message, made national headlines.

On Saturday, before their playoff game against Nogales High School, the team got a special message from football hall of famer Steve Young. 
“I know what you're doing as a football team and congratulations, Thunderbird last week, Nogales this week,” said Young in a recorded video message.
But the message wasn't all about getting pumped up for Saturday's game, Young was touched by the team's adoption of Chy Johnson.
“Carson, your little brother Curtis, Tucker, Colton, Bryce, all the guys that have been looking out for Chy, I think we're all very moved by it. I'm sure you think it's very simple and that's what is so great about it is because you didn't think anything other than that. You just felt like it was the thing to do was to make sure her life was better and you've done it in a phenomenal way and in a way that the rest of us are inspired by,” said Young.
The bulldogs went on to beat Nogales 35-0. They're now getting ready for the state championship against Desert Edge High School, which will be played at ASU.

And you better believe Chy Johnson will be right by their side.
“I just want to tell you thank you again, and I just hope people in Queen Creek appreciate what you've done and I can tell you people from afar certainly do as well,” said Young.