Dr. Phil to confront morbidly obese woman on his show Monday

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

 PHOENIX -- An Arizona resident whose goal was to become the heaviest woman in the world will be featured on Monday's Dr. Phil show, right here on 3TV at 3:00 pm.

33 year old Susanne Eman is from Casa Grande. Her goal was to eventually balloon up to more than a thousand pounds, and become the most obese woman in the world.

Scott Pasmore talked to Dr. Phil McGraw today about the situation. Dr. Phil told Scott that when he weighed Susanne on a freight scale, she weighed 600 pounds. Dr. Phil said "it broke her heart" that she didn't weigh more. 

Right off the bat, the talk show host had voiced his disapproval about her extreme weight gain plan. "This woman is on self destruct  in a way you couldn't believe," said Dr. Phil.

The pair had a major confrontation about the issue. And after a month's worth of indecision, Susanne finally agreed to get some help.  Dr. Phil says he helped her get admitted to a rehab facility for the obese on the east coast, where she started to pursue a healthier plan for living.

But then, Susanne hit a roadblock. She had recently gotten engaged to Parker Clack, a 35 year old chef she met on the internet. It wasn't long before Susanne had a new plan:  to become the heaviest bride in the world, with a goal weight of 800 pounds.

 Dr. Phil says her fiance started to sabotage all the progress she had made,  telling her she should start gaining weight again, and even bringing her a huge amount of contraband food.

"He doesn't want her to lose weight," said Dr. Phil. "She's going to die, and her life expectancy is going down by the day."

Dr. Phil says thanks to all the secret food brought in, Susanne actually gained 10 pounds in a single day..

"This goes beyond enabling," Dr. Phil states. "This goes to absolute self destructive sabotage."

The doctor says Susanne's fiance has a fetish for morbidly obese women. "To put this woman's life in danger to entertain himself is selfish and self destructive and  I've got a problem with that."

In the past, Susanne has said that  her obese frame makes her feel more attractive to her fiance.

"It's a perfect pairing," she has said. "I still want to be the fattest woman in the world and Parker is fine with that. Being this fat has given me a feeling of total freedom and not only self acceptance but confidence."

Don't miss miss the showdown Monday, when Dr. Phil makes an unscheduled trip to see Susanne at the weight loss facility, and confronts her about this latest relapse. That's all on the Dr. Phil show Monday at 3pm on 3TV.