Mesa man says he was grossly overcharged for garage repair

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz. -- A Mesa man says he paid to have his garage door repaired, but believes he was grossly overcharged.

The repair bill came to $1,200. He said not only was the price higher than what he was verbally quoted, but he later found out it was double the cost compared to other companies.

Robert Martin and his wife live in a Mesa retirement community where everyone pretty much cares about their home.

“All of these people are pretty proud of their homes and like to keep them up," he said.

But Robert said something went wrong with his home's garage door recently.

“We came out to open up the garage and when we pressed the opener, one of the springs failed," Robert recalled.

Robert wanted to get the problem fixed right away, so he contacted a company called Anytime Garage Doors to look at the problem and quote him a repair price.

“He said, 'We're talking somewhere between $800 and $900.' Nothing was written up, no definite quote was given," Robert said.

Robert said the price sounded on the high side but agreed to let Anytime Garage Doors replace the garage door spring and put in a new opener.

However, Robert said when the bill was handed to him it was even higher than what he was quoted.

“When he got in the house, the invoice wasn't between $800 and $900. It was $1,180.33," he stated.

Almost $1,200!  Robert said he reluctantly paid the bill even though it was 25 percent more than what he agreed to.

Curious, Robert contacted two other garage repair companies and got written estimates for the exact same repair.

Both of the estimates were under $600, half of what Robert paid.

Robert called Anytime Garage Doors to discuss what he claims was a gross overcharge but said they weren't interested in adjusting the bill at all.

“I think they're taking anyone who will not stand up and take some action against them," he said.

3 On Your Side has actually profiled this company before when a viewer complained about pricing.

In fact the Better Business Bureau said it, "has received numerous customer experience letters indicating that the company charges fees in excess of industry standards."

We went to Anytime Garage Doors located in Chandler to discuss the complaints about their pricing, but no one answered.

So we got a hold of John Tilton, who according to Anytime Garage Doors' website is the General Manager.

He didn't want to speak about the issue and in an email to me he wrote, "Good luck with your show."

Robert told 3 On Your Side he's learned a lesson.

"I should have made the individual give me a written proposal," he said.

The Better Business Bureau said the company also goes by the name Anytime Garage Door Service.

Just keep in mind, businesses can charge anything they want.  However, it's up to consumers to do their homework so they can make educated decisions before they buy a product or use a service.