Body odor helps police ID a sexual assault suspect

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Suspect Danny Jackson By Mike Gertzman Suspect Danny Jackson By Mike Gertzman

Scottsdale, Ariz. -- A newly released Scottsdale Police report reveals that a strong body odor helped officers identify a teenage rape suspect.

16 year old Danny Jackson is accused of sexually assaulting two women back in October.  The attacks happened within a week of each other, both at apartments near Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard.

A tip from the public prompted police to start surveillance on Jackson.  After securing search warrants for the teen’s home and school locker at Chaparral High School, Jackson was taken into custody November first.

Both of the female victims had described their attacker as having a powerful body odor. Then, when Jackson was arrested, one officer noted that he had also noticed the teen’s very strong body odor.

“I noticed a very pungent body odor coming from Jackson,” one Scottsdale officer commented in the police report. “This body odor was also something that both sexual assault victims had said that the perpetrator had.”

DNA testing is still ongoing. But the police lab has reportedly connected Jackson to forensic evidence from both of last month’s attacks.

Jackson is the second person to be arrested in the case.

22 year old Ryan Festa, was originally the primary suspect. Festa had turned himself in to police after seeing the coverage of the story on TV, which included a suspect sketch.

Festa was arrested, but eventually released from jail when the judge decided to drop the charges because the lab evidence had yet to process.

DNA evidence taken from the two victims eventually cleared Festa of any involvement in the case.

Meantime, Danny Jackson faces 11 counts, including five counts of sexual assault, two counts of attempted sexual assault, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of burglary.

The county attorney plans to try him as an adult.