Free must-have apps to save money

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PHOENIX -- We live in a high-tech world these days. It's a world where we feel lost without our smartphones. In fact, we're so used to them, many of us feel we can't function without them.

One perk to having a smartphone is the apps. According to, and
other consumer groups, one free app you have to have is called Card Star. Basically, it puts all of your loyalty cards on to one app so you can forget about carrying around plastic cards on your key chain. You can even load the cards if you need to.

Another must-have free app is Red Laser. It saves you money by allowing you to scan a bar code with your smartphone and then it automatically lets you know how much the item is at other retailers. This way, you know where to get the best deal.

Consumers should also try an app called Return Guru. It's a receipt-management program that keeps track of your purchases and reminds you of the deadline to return an item. You simply snap a picture of your receipt and Return Guru claims to do the rest, including reminding you about return information and return dates.  

And finally, there's an app called Gas Buddy, which has steadily increased in popularity over the past few years. It locates where you are and then tells you where the cheapest gas is around you. And like all the apps we talked about, Gas Buddy is free.  

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