Raw video: Captured escapee Adan Orduno claims officers helped him

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Adan Orduno Jr. By Catherine Holland Adan Orduno Jr. By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- After about 10 hours of freedom, the man who escaped from a Maricopa County Jail Sunday morning was back in custody.

Maricopa County deputies escorted Adan Orduno Jr., 26, into the Fourth Avenue Jail Sunday night.

All smiles as deputies hustled him into the jail, Orduno claimed the the sheriff did not catch him.

"Just so we have it clear, the sheriff did not catch me," he said. "They used my ex old lady, my fiance, to set me up."

When asked what he did during his few hours of freedom, Orduno, who was being housed in the county jail's psychiatric unit until his escape, said he went looking for treatment.

"I went to the state hospital to try to admit myself to get the medication that they refuse to give me here," he explained, going on to claim that officers helped him escape.

"I paid an officer $1 million to open up two doors for me," he said, his final words before entering the sally port.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has not released any details about Orduno's escape and subsequent capture.

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