Tower Garden lends itself to urban living, gardening

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- For many valley residents, growing a garden simply isn’t an option. You either don’t have the space, the quality of your soil isn’t good, or you just don’t have time to maintain it.

But there’s a new product on the market that can change that. It’s called the Tower Garden.

It’s a hydroponic and aeroponic growing system that lends itself well to urban living.

Sarah Beardmore has two at her Phoenix home, and uses the produce she harvests to feed her family of five. She said this system allows for faster-growing, and healthier food options. She says it’s a “plug-and-play” system making it both easy and convenient to put healthful food on the table, even for people who don’t have a green thumb.

Based on a concept originally developed NASA, the Tower Garden uses less than 10 percent of the water and land required for a traditional garden, which saves you money.

Garden Guy Dave Owens supports the idea of urban gardening and says products like this are a great option for people. He says the Tower Garden allows for a wide variety of food options, each just as easy to grow and harvest as the next.

Each unit comes with a 20-gallon water tank, and all of the pots, fertilizers, seeds and plant food you’ll need to get started.

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