Dept. of Weights and Measures inspects pharmacies

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX – With the weather changing, and cold and flu season settling into the Valley, the Department of Weights and Measures paid a visit to several local pharmacies to make sure the price on the shelf is the same as the price at the register.

In August and September, the Department inspected 30 pharmacy businesses for price accuracy.

The inspection featured investigators randomly selecting 25 items and scanning them at the register. Of the 30 stores inspected, there were five that had at least one overcharge.

“Products found in the pharmacy are expensive, and have a significant monetary affect on every family household budget, to find even one overcharge in such a small test size is certainly concerning,” said Kevin Tyne, Director of the Department of Weights and Measures.

Investigators also discovered that customers were being undercharged on 40 items that were on sale.

There were also three violations for failing to have a required price error policy. According to state law, every retail business has to have a price error policy which explains what the business will do in the event of a scanning error.

“Every undercharge affects a business’ bottom line and can have a detrimental effect on the lifespan of that business, it is abundantly clear based on the inspection results that more work needs to be done and additional follow up inspections be conducted to ensure compliance of proper pricing accuracy,” stated Tyne.